Workshop “Green Corridor – Connecting the EU and the Balkans”

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May 23rd 2016


Representation of the European Commission in Croatia,House of Europe, Ulica Augusta Cesarca, Zagreb


The EU and the Balkans are becoming ever strongly interwoven. With Croatia being
the newest EU member and Serbia, Albania, the former Yugoslav Republic of
Macedonia (FYROM) and Montenegro being candidate countries, the region is
connecting more closely with the European Union. Currently suffering from low
growth, high unemployment and infrastructure deficits, large-scale investments in
sustainable infrastructure projects could enable high benefits in terms of
employment, improvement of outdated equipment, interconnection with the EU28
and resource efficiency in the Balkans. At the same time, green investments could
help to contribute to the international agreement on climate change achieved in
Paris in December 2015. However, the region’s fiscal space to achieve such goals is
limited due to existing high public debt and significant deficits. In order to bring the EU and the Balkan countries closer together, a deeper integration into existing and planned EU-wide infrastructures is needed. Therefore, the Global Climate Forum and Germanwatch suggest a “Green Corridor” in the Western Balkans, combining infrastructure investments in sustainable transport, internet broadband and highvoltage electricity transmission.

In this workshop, held at the European Commission, we will discuss options for a 
“Green Corridor” with stakeholders from governments in the region, the financial
sector, industry, civil society and academia.

Workshop program

GCF Report: Green Corridor - Connecting the EU and the Balkans





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