Press release: Climate change threatens to cause trillions in damage to world's coasts, if coastal regions do not adapt to sea-level rise.

February 4, 2014

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Elke Henning


Head: Support



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Global Climate Forum e.V. (GCF)
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Joining the organization in 2008, Elke's work focused on the organizational development of GCF. She is managing the GCF internal and external relations, by heading the GCF management and support team.

Until 2012, Elke worked for the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK), a founding member of GCF.

After studying political science in Trier, Istanbul and Potsdam - including excursions into the fields of history and economics - Elke graduated in Political Sciences in 2009 at Potsdam University, with a thesis on the European Agricultural Politics, Climate Change and Food Prices.

The major projects Elke is involved in are Global Systems Dynamics and Policy (GSDP), the Integrated Risk Governance Project (IRG-Project) and the project New Member States Climate Change and Economic Growth (NMS).

Previous Projects involved:

Project related Publications:

  • C. Jaeger, L. Paroussos, D. Mangalagiu, R. Kupers, A. Mandel, J.D. Tabara with the collaboration of Nicola Botta, Steffen Fürst, Elke Henning, Cezar Ionescu, Wiebke Lass, Daniel Lincke, Frank Meißner, Heike Prietzel, Carolin Rosenkranz and Sarah Wolf: A New Growth Path for Europe. Generating Prosperity and Jobs in the Low-Carbon Economy, a study commissioned by the German Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU), Potsdam, 2011.
  • E. Jochem, C. Jaeger, A. Battaglini, H. Bradke, C. Cremer, W. Eichhammer, H. Förster, A. Haas, E. Henning, F. Idrissova, B. Kasper, J. Köhler, D. Köwener, J. Krause, W. Lass, J. Lilliestam, W. Mannsbart, M. Müller, F. Meißner, B. Pflüger, P. Radgen, M. Ragwitz, M. Rauschen, F. Reitze, L. Riffeser, K. Saure, W. Schade, F. Sensfuß, F. Toro, R. Walz, M. Wietschel: Investments for a climate friendly Germany, a study carried out on behalf of the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conversation and Nuclear Safety (BMU), Potsdam, 2008.



Second Open Global Systems Science Conference

June 10-12th, 2013, Brussels, Belgium


Towards a Sustainable Financial System

December 8 – 9, 2012, Potsdam, Germany

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Climate change threatens to cause trillions in damage to world's coasts, if coastal regions do not adapt to sea-level rise.

Coastal regions may face massive increases in damages from storm surge flooding over the course...


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