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Franziska Schütze is an active contributor to the Green Growth research process, in particular to the German Green Growth Model, which develops an open source multi-agent model that assesses costs and benefits of climate and energy policy.

She has a background in economics and obtained a 'Bachelor of Science in Economics and Geography' at the Utrecht School of Economics (the Netherlands) as well as a 'Master of Science in International Economics and Business' in Utrecht and at Lund University (Sweden). Furthermore, she complemented her studies with courses on Sustainable Development and Social Entrepreneurship at the Copenhagen Business School (Denmark). Prior to GCF, she worked in the private sector as an analyst for a venture capital fund for sustainable businesses in the area of renewable energy, e-mobility, natural resources and green IT.

Her interests and research center on responsible investment strategies, economic growth, innovation and technology, in particular renewable energies, their economic impact and related policy making.



Investment-ortiented climate policy

February 19th + March 3rd, 2015

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IPCC sea-level rise scenarios not fit for purpose for high-risk coastal areas

The sea-level rise scenarios of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) do not...


Climate Finance and Sustainable Economic Recovery

published on Handelsblatt Online (September 23, 2014)>...

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