GCF Working Papers

GCF Working Paper 2/2017

Framing 1.5C - Turning an investment challenge into a green growth opportunity

Download [PDF, 483 kb]

by Sarah Wolf, Carlo Jaeger, Jahel Mielke, Franziska Schütze, Richard Rosen




GCF Working Paper 1/2017

Green investment and coordination failure: An investors' perspective

Download [PDF, 582 kb]

by Jahel Mielke, Gesine A. Steudle





GCF Working Paper 3/2016

Price Dynamics Via Expectations,
and the Role of Money Therein

Download [PDF, 1 mb]

by Gesine A. Steudle, Saini Yang, Carlo C. Jaeger




GCF Working Paper 2/2016

Concepts of Stakeholder Involvement in ScienceEvidence
from Sustainability Research

Download [PDF, 678 kb]

by Jahel Mielke, Hannah Vermaßen, Saskia Ellenbeck




GCF Working Paper 1/2016

The Possibility of Green Growth in Climate Policy Analysis
Models – a Survey

Download [PDF, 406 kb]

by Sarah Wolf, Franziska Schütze, Carlo C. Jaeger




Previous ECF working papers:

ECF Working Paper 2/2010

Three Views of Two Degrees

Download [PDF, 1,9 MB]

by Carlo Jaeger, Julia Jaeger



ECF Working Paper 1/2010

Climate Change Policy – Positive or Negative Economic Impact? Why? 

Download [PDF, 3,9 MB]

by Roland Kupers, Diana Mangalagiu



ECF Working Paper 4/2009

Climate Change and the Cities of the Future: Art, Technology and Economics in the face of Climate Change 

Download [PDF, 38,1 MB]

by Klaus Hasselmann, Antonio Ruiz de Elvira, Martin Welp



ECF Working Papers 3/2009

Simultating Human Behavior in Macroeconomic Models Applied to Climate Change 

Download [PDF, 9,2 MB]

by Klaus Hasselmann



ECF Working Paper 2/2009

Long-term options for Russian Climate Policy. An integrated Assessment

Download [PDF, 14,4 MB]

by Carlo Jaeger, Valentin Meleshko, Leonid Bobylev and Dmitry Kovalevsky



ECF Working Papers 1/2009

Lagom generiC: an agent-based model of growing economies

Download [PDF, 4,1 MB]

by Antoine Mandel, Steffen Fürst, Wiebke Lass, Frank Meissner, Carlo Jaeger





Second Conference on Financial Networks and Sustainability

This three-day conference (January 17-19, 2018), organized by FINEXUS (Center for Financial...


GCF @ COP23 in Bonn: discussing green growth and how to turn climate risks into opportunities (copy 1)

The Global Climate Forum e.V., the University of Zurich and IIASA, together with partners from...

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An Open Invitation to Participate in the GREEN-WIN Survey

A guiding element of the GREEN WIN Project is the Global Dialogue, which aims to produce shared...


GCF and the DOLFINS Consortium replied to the EU consultation on Sustainable Finance

The EU High-level expert group (HLEG) on Sustainable Finance has invited all citizens to provide...

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