GCF Working Papers

GCF Working Paper 2/2017

Framing 1.5C - Turning an investment challenge into a green growth opportunity

Download [PDF, 483 kb]

by Sarah Wolf, Carlo Jaeger, Jahel Mielke, Franziska Schütze, Richard Rosen




GCF Working Paper 1/2017

Green investment and coordination failure: An investors' perspective

Download [PDF, 582 kb]

by Jahel Mielke, Gesine A. Steudle





GCF Working Paper 3/2016

Price Dynamics Via Expectations,
and the Role of Money Therein

Download [PDF, 1 mb]

by Gesine A. Steudle, Saini Yang, Carlo C. Jaeger




GCF Working Paper 2/2016

Concepts of Stakeholder Involvement in ScienceEvidence
from Sustainability Research

Download [PDF, 678 kb]

by Jahel Mielke, Hannah Vermaßen, Saskia Ellenbeck




GCF Working Paper 1/2016

The Possibility of Green Growth in Climate Policy Analysis
Models – a Survey

Download [PDF, 406 kb]

by Sarah Wolf, Franziska Schütze, Carlo C. Jaeger




Previous ECF working papers:

ECF Working Paper 2/2010

Three Views of Two Degrees

Download [PDF, 1,9 MB]

by Carlo Jaeger, Julia Jaeger



ECF Working Paper 1/2010

Climate Change Policy – Positive or Negative Economic Impact? Why? 

Download [PDF, 3,9 MB]

by Roland Kupers, Diana Mangalagiu



ECF Working Paper 4/2009

Climate Change and the Cities of the Future: Art, Technology and Economics in the face of Climate Change 

Download [PDF, 38,1 MB]

by Klaus Hasselmann, Antonio Ruiz de Elvira, Martin Welp



ECF Working Papers 3/2009

Simultating Human Behavior in Macroeconomic Models Applied to Climate Change 

Download [PDF, 9,2 MB]

by Klaus Hasselmann



ECF Working Paper 2/2009

Long-term options for Russian Climate Policy. An integrated Assessment

Download [PDF, 14,4 MB]

by Carlo Jaeger, Valentin Meleshko, Leonid Bobylev and Dmitry Kovalevsky



ECF Working Papers 1/2009

Lagom generiC: an agent-based model of growing economies

Download [PDF, 4,1 MB]

by Antoine Mandel, Steffen Fürst, Wiebke Lass, Frank Meissner, Carlo Jaeger





GCF @ COP23 in Bonn: discussing green growth and how to turn climate risks into opportunities

The Global Climate Forum e.V., the University of Zurich and IIASA, together with partners from...

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GCF and the DOLFINS Consortium replied to the EU consultation on Sustainable Finance

The EU High-level expert group (HLEG) on Sustainable Finance has invited all citizens to provide...


Green investment and coordination failure: An investors' perspective

The goal to keep global warming well below 2°C can only be achieved if private investors shift...

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