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Human greenhouse gas emissions change the Earth's climate in ways that the changed climate may dangerously interfere with humankind. Climate change is therefore considered to be one of the biggest challenges facing humanity. No single solution will suffice to deal with it. This challenge has to be jointly tackled by science, policy, business and industry, NGOs, and the general public.

Numerous academic studies have been carried out on possible adaptation and mitigation policies. However, most of these studies have not fully considered the needs and perceptions of stakeholders affected by or effecting climate change.

Industry has made considerable efforts in reducing emissions, developing renewable energy technologies and contributing to emissions trading schemes. Most of this work, however, has been similarly divorced from academia.

No clear picture has emerged of the advantages and disadvantages of the different mitigation and adaptation options, let alone a consensus on a reasonable strategy to pursue.

The Global Climate Forum is a platform for joint studies and science-based stakeholder dialogues on climatic change. GCF brings together representatives of different parties concerned with the climate problem. The core activity of the Forum is to define and carry out joint studies; these shall provide arguments for long-term climate mitigation and adaptation policies leading ultimately towards a sustainable development path.

The groups we engage with systematically are from:

  • energy industries and major energy users,
  • companies engaged in renewables,
  • insurance and finance enterprises,
  • policy-makers,
  • environmental NGOs,
  • and scientists.



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